Sata­kun­ta Digi­Health offers tech­no­lo­gy com­pa­nies a wide ran­ge of options for deve­lo­ping new inno­va­tions, from pro­duct design to ear­ly tes­ting, cus­to­mer tes­ting and com­mercia­liza­tion.

It crea­tes new oppor­tu­ni­ties for social and health actors to deve­lop ser­vices and proces­ses through, for example, infor­ma­tion sha­ring, tech­no­lo­gy expe­ri­men­ta­tion, ser­vice design and more efficient use of health data. Coo­pe­ra­tion will pro­mo­te the use of new tech­no­lo­gies in the social and health care sec­tors.

Satakunta DigiHealth Service Path

Wel­fa­re tech­no­lo­gy know­led­ge
Networks and com­mu­nica­tion
Inter­na­tio­nal con­tacts and part­ners­hips
Stu­dent pro­jects