Satakunta DigiHealth project provides possibilities for technology design, testing and development as well as service design in real customer environments.

The pur­po­se of the pro­ducts and ser­vices deve­lo­ped in the pro­ject is to pro­mo­te the well-being, func­tio­nal abi­li­ty and health of the clients and to crea­te new tools for the per­son­nel of the social and health care sec­tor. The pro­ject will also car­ry out research on the poten­tial and impact of new tech­no­lo­gy inno­va­tions.

The aim of the pro­ject is to inc­rea­se tech­no­lo­gical know-how and the uti­liza­tion of wel­fa­re tech­no­lo­gy in the social and health care sec­tor and to impro­ve the acces­si­bi­li­ty, qua­li­ty and cus­to­mer expe­rience of social and health care ser­vices.

The Sata­kun­ta Digi­Health pro­ject imple­men­ta­tion period is between 1.1.2019–31.12.2021. The pro­ject part­ners are Prizz­tech Ltd, Satae­du, Sata­kun­ta Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sciences, Tam­pe­re Uni­ver­si­ty and Win­No­va. The pro­ject is fun­ded by the Regio­nal Council of Sata­kun­ta (ERDF) and munici­pa­li­ties in the area.